Tuesday, 13 March 2018



Emily was taking a walk in the backyard and heard a noise on the
other side of the bush. She wanted to have a look. So she went and
saw magic. She had always had a thing for magic didn’t matter what
it was, as long as it had different magic tricks. On the other side of
that bush she saw the man that was using magic, it looked like he was
lifting chairs in thin air. Emily didn’t think it was possible. She went
to have a closer look, but tripped over a branch. Then suddenly
she was in the sight of this mysterious man. Who was this man in
the blue jeans? While Emily was trying to make herself presentable
she walked up to the person with the mystical appearance.

resource image

Today for writing we did our character description on this picture. We had to explain how someone would feel and do if they saw someone using magic or magic tricks that you have never seen before or if its been a while sense you have seen that trick happen.

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Te Wiki - Summary

Today Shakaia and I made a summary on a story called Te Wiki. First we were all given a piece of paper and read the story to our partners and as we read through the story we wrote down words that we thought were important and words that best describe the story. With those same papers we used 20  words from the pieces of papers and chose the 6 most important words from that 20. Then made a summary using those 6 words. 

Chinese New Year celebration

Why is the chinese new year a very old tradition?

Kung hei fat choi means Happy New Year in Chinese. Every year Chinese New Year is held in China and many different countries. It starts on a new moon. So, this year it started on February 16th.
On February 16th Chinese New Year is celebrated. The chinese people celebrate with a traditional feast and end it with a lantern festival. To decide the order of the animals, they had an animal race. They had a race to see which animal will be the Animal of the Year. For 2018 the animal that we have is a Dog. This is also the animal for 2006 / 1994 / 1982 /1970 and 1958. The Dog has three meanings which are responsibility, being serious, it also represents being loyal.
Chinese New Year can be celebrated by anyone. The colours are Red and Gold. They also have traditional foods which are Shrimp, Noodles, Dumplings, Spring Rolls, Fish, Tanyaung, Sweet Rice Balls, Tangerines, and Glutinous Rice Cake.
Chinese New Year finishes after 15 days. So since Chinese New Year started February 6th  it will finish on the 2nd of March. On the last day they do the Lantern Festival. In the lantern festival they have many lanterns in different shapes. They also make the lantern fly away or make it float on the water. For 2018 they are going to hold the Lantern Festival at the Harbour Bridge.

Chinese New Year starts on the first day of a new moon, this year it started on February 16th. Every year Chinese New Year is held in China and in many other different countries, once again Kung hei fat choi which means Happy New Year in Chinese.

This week our focus was creating a explanation about how China and other countries celebrate Chinese New Year. I was working together with Marieta on this explanation. We had found information on sites like Wikipedia and ideas from the class room.

Friday, 16 February 2018

Tidy Kiwi Presentation

Today at assembly i presented Tidy Kiwi in front of the whole school. I was nervous walking to were my script was. In the end I was fine I made it through with out making any mistakes and I made teachers proud. 

Thursday, 15 February 2018

2006 and 2018 Winter Olympics Mascot

Today Fraidon, Marieta and I were working on our 2006 and 2018 Winter Olympics Mascot. We all came together as a team and found different ideas on different websites. We found this easy because we all had different ideas at the same time.

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Winter Olympics Venn diagram

Today we had different ideas shared around the class about the comparison of the Winter Olympics. Today i was working with Marieta and Fraidon The class gave some answers that we could add to our Venn diagram. Some of the ideas were ours. 

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Can you guest were i went for the holidays?

Remembering our summer holiday

I heard water splashing as i was swimming 

I heard snoring coming for my uncle's room

I saw cows,sheep and my families horse on separate mountains

I felt free on the back of my uncle's truck

I felt excited as i jumped into the fresh clean water, but as i i swam it got dirty

I wondered when the booming of the lightning would stop

I wondered if jumping over a electric fence if i would make it