Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Science Planning House

This is my science planning house that i have done and in the experiment was with vinegar and milk and want we made out of it was plastic which was good.

Friday, 11 March 2016

My Pop Art

Reflecting on my Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein themed portrait

Screenshot 2016-03-11 at 2.28.38 PM.png

1. Are you pleased with your Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein themed portrait? why / why not?
Yes I like my work because it is nice and bright.

2. What did you find easy when you created your Pop Art portrait? Doing my dots on my Roy Lichtenstein work.

3. What part did you find tricky when you were creating your portrait? -think about tracing round your face, outlining your face using a black marker pen, dabbing areas using the dye, dying the background, dotting your areas, colouring block areas and lettering.
The thing I thought was tricky was when I dyed my background because it kept going patchy on me.

4. Who / What helped you when you were creating your Pop Art portrait? The person that helped me were my friends and Miss Paton.

5. What would you do differently next time? Think about: tracing around your face, features on your face, dabbing the dye colours, colour choice, photograph, time management skills, dotting your paper, colouring in block areas, lettering. Tracing my face because I rushed this process.

6. What frustrated you when you created your Andy Warhol  and Roy Lichtenstein themed art work?
I didn’t know what colour I should use first at the beginning.

KWL on Tuataras

KWL Chart

What I am learning:

What I know
What I want to learn
What I learned
1. They are old.

2. They are reptiles.

3. They are mammals.

4.They like Eating

5. They got scales.

6. They are related to the dinosaurs.

7.They are an NZ reptiles.

8. They got spiked backs.

9. They are in Zoo’s.

10. They can camoflash in the bush's.

11. They are Friendly.

12. They got long tongues.

13. They got four legs.
14. They are long .

15. Some of the Tuataras are not dangerous.

16. They are also smart.

1. What age can they live up to?

2. How long can they camouflage themselves?

3. How fast is a tuatara.

4. How do they survive in the wild.

5. How fast can they camoflash.
6. How many bones does tuataras have.

7. How do tuataras communicate with other tuataras.

8. How long is their tongue.

9. How tall can a tuatara climb.

10. Who are their predators.

11.How heavy is a tuatara.

12. Can tuataras breath under water.

13. Can they swim.

14. What does tuatara mean.

15. How long do they live for.

16. Are they dangerous other animals if they are in the wild.

1.The name tuatara means spiny back.

2. Tuataras can move quite quickly in a short distances.

3. During daytime they easily be harmed by predators.

4.Tuataras are not lizards.

5.Tuatara live in burrows.

6.They eat lizards, seabirds and their egg and even baby tuatara.

7.Their eyes expand in the dark so that they can see at night.

8.They live for about hundred years.

9.Tuataras have big eyes that are black.

10. living in the wild.

11.People have warned because some tuatara bite.

12.The tuatara have very sharp teeth.

13. if they bite they don’t let go for a long time.

14. Their front and back leg looks very powerful.

15.They lived in nz for 80 million years

16. Tuataras are the only survivors of a groups of reptiles called sphenodon.

17. Some people, cat, dogs and pigs have killed some tuataras.

18. Their skin if soft and scaley

Today I learnt more about tuataras and the one thing I learnt was that tuatara means spiny back and a I also learnt that tuataras live for hundred years.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

My Prototec

Today I have been on a website called prototec. I got one wrong and the rest all right. And next time I will tire to get them all right.


This is my xtramath for today and I got 3 wrong and every thing right. I know my pluses like 6,1 and 2's.