Monday, 20 March 2017

Conserving Water

Today I was working on my conserving water DLO. The thing that I found hard in finding facts on conserving water. The thing that I found easy was finding pictures and some facts.

Friday, 17 March 2017

2D Models Compare and Contrast

Today at tech we were 3D printing but first we had to draw a design on a piece of cardboard with pencil. The thing that I found easy was drawing the design. The thing that I had found hard was cutting the design out. The thing that I think I need to work on is my cutting.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Hit the button

Today I was working on hit the button. I was working on my doubles. Today I was working on my doubles because my maths group is working on doubles. The thing that I found was the points for example (4.8). The thing that I found easy was the doubles to 10

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Bush safety

Today I was working on my bush safety DLO. The bush safety DLO tell you to make sure you do thing like what it says on this DLO.

Camp Map

 Today I was working on my map that shows where we are going during camp. First we will be at school then we go to, kokako lodge, hunua ranges and on the last day of camp we will go to the papakura wave pools. Lastly we go back to school and get picked up at our normal time which   is 3.00 o'clock.

Friday, 10 March 2017

Why my blog is unique

A blog is a personal website that you can share your work to the world. Our blogs are unique to us because it holds the work that we have done over the years. Did you know all blogs are different?

For example we (Sky and Brooklyn) have different amounts of blog posts. Our blogs also look different and we have different people that look at our work.

Our blogs are unique to us because it has our learning on it from this school, our learning on our blog are special memories for us. It is a timeline of what we have learnt over the years during the time we have been here at PBS.

We make google drawings, presentations, spreadsheets and documents. We also use things we can use to make our work. Then we can publish our work onto our blogs. Our blogs would save our work so we can cherish it for as long as we want.

A blog is a special website to us because it holds our learning and tell us how many blog post we have done. Right now Sky has done (222) blog posts and Brooklyn has (208) blog posts.

Our blogs are special because we have all our learning on our blogs. We also get to share our blogs with our family and the world. We first started blogging in 2015 when we started Panmure Bridge School. This reason is because we both started the same year on different days. Brooklyn was also a digital learner at my old school.

Finally our blogs are special to us because we get to share our work with people we care about.

We think it is also cool to have a blog because we get to put comments on our friends blogs and family too (If they have one). The best part is that a blog can never be lost or thrown away like a school book can.

For writing, Brooklyn and I wrote a explanation about why my blog is unique. In my explanation I found out that it was hard trying to make my sentences make sense.

3D Printing

Today I went to tech I am in 3D printing group and to day we were on Tinkercad. Today we were making a name tag for someone or something and today I made myself a name tag for my school bag. We learnt different things on Tinkercad like how to work it and how to use it. I learnt how to change the size, weight and length. The thing that I found easy was the lessons that we had to do to know how to use it. the thing that I found hard was trying to make a hole in between the box so I could put my name in. 

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Basic Facts

Today on was on Basic facts. The things that I found hard was the teen numbers and the subtractions. The things that I found easy was my pluses. I think that next time I have to work on my subtractions and teen number for example (15)