Friday, 24 February 2017

Technology - Graphics (Jewellery Product Research)

Today was the second day for tech. We learnt that unistructural is doing something solo, multistructural is groups. Relational is friends together talking together and playing around. Extended Abstract mean three people  with linked arms with good ideas doing things together and going places.

Monday, 20 February 2017

Technology Graphics

At tech I was in the technology graphics group. We are doing 3D printing. 3D printing is making something really cool for someone else. In my group we were doing jewellery. The teacher that I was with was Miss Ferguson. We had to chose a person that you would like to make a type jewellery for someone you would like to make it for. The person that I chose to make a type jewellery for was Shakaia. The reason why I chose her was because she is kind and I know what she likes. We needed to know what she liked so we could use some of those things to help us make the jewellery. I chose to make her a bracelet with the things she likes on it and the colour that she likes for it.  

Water Care DLO

Today I have been working on my water care DLO. This DLO tells you about how we can solve keeping our waters clean for our fish in the sea because if we don't keep our sea's clean our fish safacate and die and we wont be there to do anything about it so keep our waters clean.

Friday, 17 February 2017

NZ Estuary Food Web

Today I was working on my NZ Estuary Food web. This is about how a bigger animal eats a smaller animal well mainly it is about big animals eating small animals that are not strong enough to save themselves. First Miss Kirkpatrick gave us some photos and find out what ate what. The thing that I found hard to do was what a flounder ate but I found it out because sea grass is at the bottom of the ocean where flounders stay which is on the ground. The thing that I found easy was what the god wits ate which were mud worms.

Technology Graphics - Types of Jewellery

Types of Jewellery

Today I was learning about different types of jewellery that I could use for making my design. We had to find someone you what to make it for and I chose Shakaia to make mine for and we also had to find out what they like and find out what I wanted to make. We did this at tamaki college for teak which we go every Friday. We have to take the bus there. There were some bad kids that were there from different schools like glen brae. They were making heaps of noise and yelling and were not showing respect to each other but at lease we were good and showing respect. I recon that our school was the best there thanks to Miss Anderson.

Technology Graphics - What my Client likes

What my Client likes

Today was my first time at tamaki college for teak. I was in 3D printing it was really fun and cool.
The teacher that I was working with was Miss Ferguson. The last thing that I will be doing is trying to design the things Shakaia which was the person I chose to make something for. Then I have to use the things she likes onto a bracelet and create some earrings for her. Which no one knows what I am making for her earrings.

Technology Graphics -

Design Brief
Today I was working on my Design brief I was put in the 3D printing. Other groups are doing cooking and other things. The teacher that I was working with today was Miss Ferguson. First we had to write in five people that you would make something for. Then you had to chose one person and find out what they like.