Thursday, 12 April 2018

How to use a Protractor?

This morning my focus was on how to use a protractor. This explains how to use a protractor and the differences between a ruler and a protractor. 

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Similes and Metaphors

Today John, San kyaw, Christopher, Affonzo, Tai, Shakaia and I were working on Similes and Metaphors for Reading. We were given a story to read and used the story as an example for us to use and make similes and metaphors out of. The similes were made up by our group.


This afternoon Shakaia, Nyjah and I were working on separate work sheet given to us. We  to plus the numbers that were on our sheet and added a number to it to make it 180 here is one example: 72 + 46 + 33 = 180. 


Today Christopher and I were giving each other feedback on what we thought about the way we worked together for this DLO. I thought that he had to work on somethings and things he did well.