Wednesday, 13 December 2017

The Summer and Winter learning journey

The Summer Learning Journey for NEXT Foundation from Next Foundation on Vimeo.

Today we had a free Lunch after assembly. We had very important people come in to see our school and they also came to talk to us about the summer learning journey. There Where so many visitors that showed up to the assembly today some people we knew and some people we didn't know at all. Our whole class had a nice time eating the food that our visitors provided for us. 

How Denmark Celebrate Christmas

This week LS2 have been learning about Christmas traditions in different country's. My group decided to choose Denmark as our country to learn about. We created a DLO with information about how Denmark celebrated Christmas. Once we completed our DLO we created a screencastify.

Monday, 11 December 2017

My Speech - Becoming a leader

Kia ora i'm Sky you should vote for me because I know that i will be a wonderful, respectful and helpful head girl and leader of Panmure Bridge School. As a student leader of Panmure Bridge School, I know that I will try to persuade students to always be who they want to be. I am a great role model for the younger students and I try my best to influence others to do the same. I am a confident student who wears our uniform proudly and I will strive to represent the school in the best way possible. It is a position I can take on. I know that I have many skills a leader needs I also know that I am a confident speaker who will face so many hard obstacles throughout 2018.  My biggest goal is to become head girl of our school and I know that I can show our school that I can achieve everything coming for me in 2018. But don’t forget everyone of us are leaders in our own ways. To those that don’t achieve their goals remember to never give up no matter who tries to put you down because you just make sure that you stay you. I thank everyone for listening to my speech. This means alot to me and this is why you should vote for me. Thank you.

This is my speech that I had said to the whole of my class. At first I felt nervous and when I got half way through my script I was confident and I knew I had a chance at becoming head girl of panmure bridge school

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Tech At Tamaki College

Tech this year was really amazing it is really fun because we get to learn about different things other then subjects. I really enjoyed working with Shakaia and Savelina for cooking.We learnt how to cook in the kitchen with my class. I was really tied working as a team to get threw tech. The teachers at tech were really helpful and kind. I can't wait for next year. Thank you Tamki College for your wonderful time this year at tech From Sky.

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Fire Safety

Today my focus was on fire safety. I had put five facts about fire safety. The pictures that I had used had to be labelled for reuse and if they weren't then I would have had to attribute the images.

Fire Station blog post

Yesterday we went to the fire station which was apart of our inquiry. We got to look at some tools that were put inside the fire truck. We also got to watch three of the fire fighters cut the roof and the doors of a testing car which was also used for training. 

Tuesday, 21 November 2017


Hajera and I were focusing on our Maths today. We made a screencastify to show the strategy we used to solve a problem. We think we explained our thinking clearly.

Monday, 20 November 2017

Learning to Motivate


We have been learning about leadership as next year Y7 will be our school leaders. Today we looked at what motivation means. We then worked collaboratively to create role plays to help us see what motivating others looks like, so we can learn to motivate others.

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Explanation / Turuki Health Care

Turuki Health Care

Turuki health care is a wonderful place for people to go and get better. Turuki health care is like a little hospital for you to get the help you need. But it is just a place for people to get medicine not to stay there overnight. Did you know that most  of the doctors at Turuki are volunteers.

There are different parts of the building that work in. There the stuff room only,  which can be also known and the eating room. Here is a list of places in the building that they work in: there's some little rooms for the doctors to work in, there is one big area in the building that has beds for people to lie on that is near the desks for were they put the medicine.

The doctor that work at the Turuki don’t have to work there some just volunteer for a spot in being a helper for the community. Some of the main doctors that work at Turuki were the first of them to become a helper at Turuki. This reason is because they would have known how to become a better doctor and then others would have volunteered to become a doctor to help those that needed the help.

All doctors that work in hospitals have to have the confidence of being a professional in what they do. The reason for this is because if they didn’t know what they had or were meant to do than that put the person's health into someone else’s hands. They may or may not get that person the help that they need.

I know that the doctors at Turuki are volunteers because my aunty was a volunteer in helping the community for those that needed the help in getting better. Some of the doctors can and may not be good at what they do but it is good that they want to help the community be are healthier place for us people to live in and let people know that they are in the hands of good people. Have you ever considered being a doctor.


Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Fraction Strategy Screencastify

Today I blogged my Screencastify about the Strategy I used to solve the question I chose to figger out. The thing that I found hard about this was that I had to keep on recording. The thing that I found easy about the screencastify was that I finished it in the end. 

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Aretha franklin Respect song

Today we had the time to focus on our Silver care awards. I was focusing on one of the options which was to research Aretha Franklin's song respect. 

Tables Conga

Today I chose to play a maths game called tables conga. The game is all about counting in 9's. It let you chose. I chose to count in 9 because it pushes me further and it better than doing something that you already know because it called get boring. The thing that I found hard about doing this was that I have never did counting in 9's. The thing that I found easy was that I got around what I thought I couldn't do. 

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Kiwi can

Today we had kiwi can. We played two games one of them we played inside and one we played outside. The game we played inside had no name but it was to do with having an object but thinking it was something different and not the actual thing. The game we played outside was hand soccer.  

Questions for our Kahoot

Today Zahra, Savelina and my self were working on our Kahoot for the day today. The thing we found hard was that we had to think of some questions. The thing that we found easy was that we got to find the answers to the questions.


Last week Nickayla, Magenta, Jorja,Viva and myself were working on our Democracy document. The thing that we all found very hard about the document was that we had know ideas. The thing that we found easy about this document was that we ended up thinking of some ideas to type down on the document.

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Scale Drawing

This week and last week our focus was on our Scale drawing. The thing that I found really hard about this was that we had to copy square by square to get it right. The thing that I found easy was that I didn't think too much about what I was drawing and I had steady hands.

Fantasy convention

Today our focus was on The princess Bride.  We had to chose a document to do a DLO on. I chose to do the fantasy convention the fantasy convention was focused on The Princess Bride. The convention had question that asked about if the person in the story had a good ending or something like powers question that the movie would of had and give an example of what the example was like for the question that ask me if it ended in a happy ending it did. It also asked questions like if anyone was an ally in the story and yes the hero had two friend that help the hero save the day.

Monday, 25 September 2017


Today our focus was on the Coalition. The thing that I found easy about this task today was having to find a site we can trust  to use the images of the right Parliament seats. The thing that I found easy about this task was the  information because our focus this week and last week was about Coalition, election and Voting so we knew what to do and what to write without having to know that it was wrong because we knew what we had to write.   

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Prime Minister

This is a Google Drawing that we were working on today. The thing that I found hard was that I had to write the information on Jenny Shipley in my own words. The thing that I found easy was finding the picture and the licencing and the link to were I got the picture.

Government Votes

Today our focus was on Government Votes. We have been giving examples on What is a Election, Why do we have Elections and What happens during an election. The thing that I found hard about this task was that at first we didn't know what a Election was and we weren't allowed to look it up to know the answer. But the thing that I found easy about this task is that I got around what I couldn't do and I got it finished in the end.  

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Tamaki Collage Overdrive

This Afternoon we visited a website called Tamaki Collage overdrive. We had to choose a book that we thought was a good book to read. The book I choose was called Miss Peregrine's home for Peculiar children. The thing that I found interesting about this book is that the story started off talking about what someone in the family used to do and what they used to do. The thing that I found boring about reading this story is that it had to much information. 

Kiwi Can Taking risk

Today we had Kiwi Can with Mr Malu and Miss Latoya. Our warm up game was called 'bip bop bounce bang', it was fun trying not to get out. We also played a game that was called hand soccer. We had to support people to help them overcome a risky challenge. Every one in the team had to hit the ball before we could score. We all had to collaborate and cheer on our team while we were on the side line. After Kiwi Can we got into our dance groups so we could practise the dance for our dance production for the end of this term. Staying Alive was first up and then I see red was next. The foot loose group were the group to go on stage to practise in front of LS2. The thing that I found hard about the dance is that I didn't know some of the dance moves because I wasn't here, but I got around my mistake by taking a risk and copying the person in front of me so I could keep going. The thing that I found easy about today was that most of the class were being supportive through the whole of this morning.

Monday, 4 September 2017

Read theory

This morning we were doing read theory. We do read theory to help us with our reading, it help us grow our knowledge. It teaches us how to comprehend text. It can help us improve our vocabulary. The thing that I found hard about read theory was that some of the questions are hard to answer. The thing that I found easy about read theory is that I can understand most of the questions and know the answer for each of them.    

Friday, 1 September 2017

Why it's great to be me

This week I was working on my brain storm on why it's cool to be me. The thing that I found hard about this DLO is that I had to spell them properly. The thing that I found easy was that I had the words ready to add to the brain storm.

Complete the contraction

Our focus for today was writing. The thing that I found hard about writing today was that sometimes I would get the spelling wrong because I was in a rush. The thing that I found easy about today was I got around what I made a mistake on. 

Food Technology

Today at tech we did Food technology, for food technology we had to be in groups. In each group we all have to be in a group of three. The students that I was working with was Shakaia and Savelina. Today at tech we made chocolate milkshakes. Each person in the group had a job, Savelina's job was to dry the dishes and dry the benches, Shakaia's job was to wash the dishes and set up the stuff we needed, my job was to stack the dishes and wipe down the benches with the wet cloth. The thing that we found hard about today was that we had to get it right the first time which we managed to do. The thing that we found easy about this is that we ended up getting our milkshake finished. We thought that our milkshakes were really nice. 

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Why its important to speck up againt a bully

Today Myself, Hajera, Nickaela, Zahra and Jorja where working on our movie by specking up towards a bully. The thing that we found hard about doing our movie is that we kept forgetting our lines. The thing that we found easy about the movie was that we had the confident's to make the movie and get it finish with out mucking it up when we needed to get it finish. 

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Making connections - Forensics in Fire

Making Connections
L.I. Identify connections text to text, text to world and text to self
Text to Text
Text to world
Text to self
Something I have read or watched that is like this is...
Something I know about that is like this is...
My reaction to this story is...
Something I have read or watched that is like this is Blaze the forensic of fire. This book also involves how they investigate a fire and they explain what happened in the victim's house. It tells us why it is important to find out what happened at the place of the fire and they find out why that person did it unless it was sent by someone inside the house that was probably cooking our someone was playing with the lighter or the matches.
Something I know about that is like this is accidental fires can occur when candles are left unattended and lightning strikes can hit tree or people's homes  causing naturally occurring. Arsonists are people who intentionally set fire. Fire investigators at the scene of a school fire and  to investigators find  out where the fire started.

  • That it involves having to be a witness

  • Being responsible

  • Learning lessons

  • Learning important information
  • Finding a cause

  • Being patient
  • Investigating something

Today for reading we were working on our text to text, text to world and text to self. This is about telling people a book that can be similar. This is a document that you can use to tell us about the book you read and tell people something that I similar to the book you where reading. You can also add somethings that where told in the book for text to self.

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Flexagon A3 blogging

Last week for maths LS2 where working on our Flexagon A3 for maths. This is art and maths in one. This involves shapes and angles. The thing that I found hard was not knowing what to do because I came in late. I got around my mistake by focusing and my friends were there to help me when I needed it.

Friday, 18 August 2017

Evaluation of my Animated Digital Story

Evaluation of My Animated Digital Story
The digital media outcome will be an animated digital story in ‘Scratch’, relating to the context of Healthy Living in the Tamaki community.
The animated story must include the following:
  • Information on that informs readers about concepts relating to Healthy Living in the Tamaki community
  • At least two sprites
  • At least two different backdrops

My Animated Digital Story is about Someone bouncing back from damage to the head
My Animated Digital Story relates to the context of Healthy Living in the Tamaki Community because Exercise is about looking after your body and keeping us motivated in what we do.
My Animated Digital Story informs readers about concepts relating to Healthy Living in the Tamaki Community by showing the reader why it is good to help someone that has been hurt.
My Animated Digital Story includes at least two sprites.  These sprites are your two characters and a backdrop.
My Animated Digital Story includes at least two different backdrops.  These backdrops are Bedroom 1 and 2

I think that readers will enjoy my Animated Digital Story because it shows how you can help someone that has been hurt so you can do it one day too. But it is not finished yet.

Thursday, 10 August 2017


This morning we were working on "idiom". The thing that I found hard was have to chose through the ten idioms we got to write and the having to chose one. I got around this mistake by asking friend witch one they thought was best. The thing I found easy was looking for images and information.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Rewindable Dance

Myself and the footloose group today was practicing our rewindable dance. This dance is for the dance production for the end of this terms assemble. For our dances we are doing the 80's and 70's type of dancing. Practicing the dance really help us on learning the timing and knowing which way to go. Our dance teachers name was Zoe. Our group worked hard enough to make the dance come together.   

Friday, 28 July 2017

Life at PBS - Photo collage

This photo collage show what happens here in panmure bridge school. I added pictures of recent photo taken through out half this year and also last year. I added photo that were also of our tech and outing our school has done this half of the year.

Leading A School Assembly

Last term Fraidoon and I lead the school assembly. This was a great experience because I normally wouldn't be able to stand in front of so many people. I felt nervous to my bones at first, but I finally felt confident halfway throughout the speech because I got used to being in front of the crowd. I feel as if I can be able to lead more school assemblies because I am getting more confident each day. Next, I would like to lead as Duffy. 

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Why is it so important to keep oral story telling alive?

Shakaia and I have been working on why oral story telling is so important. We both found it challenging making a twenty five word summary. We got around our mistake by making a twenty seven word summary instead. We learnt that Maori story telling doesn't have to be read by a Maori it can be read out from anyone around the world.

Monday, 3 July 2017

Legend of the 7 Sisters

Since this week is Matariki, Zahra and I have been working on the Legend of the 7 Sisters. In this DLO we had to mention how many Sisters there is and their names. First we had to find some questions to use. After that we had to use the answers that we new that was for the questions that we had found.

Thursday, 29 June 2017

How to write an etiquette E-mail

This show what I was working on today. This is to show how to write an etiquette E-mail to someone on line or over the phone. In this DLO I have 5 points on what to use in a etiquette E-mail. I also have an example of an etiquette E-mail that I have written.

Dance Sky, Shakaia, Jorja and Savelina

This shows that today I was working on showing the moves that us group of girls put together. The thing that I found hard about it was when we made a mistake in the dance when we did the slide on top with our arms. The thing that I found easy was the rest of the dance. The thing that I found fun about the dance was that we had good timing most of the time.

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

German - Winter Solstice

This shows that today I was working on my China DLO. The thing that I found hard was having to find information and the having to write it in my own words. The thing that I found easy was some of the information facts and mostly the images and layouts.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Evaluation Movie

Today in LS2 we did dance. The thing that I found hard was when we made a mistake when we slide our arm onto each other but lucky no one saw that we made a mistake. The thing that I found easy was us being able to stay connected the whole time. The thing that I liked about our dance was when we did it all at the same time.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Read theory

For reading today I did read theory.  The story I was reading was called painting pictures. I found it hard with some answers to the question because the answer wasn't in the book. The thing that I found easy was the answers that I could find in the story that I read.

Friday, 26 May 2017

What we did at tech

 Today at tech our group was in Digi Tech. The thing I found hard was all the sites we had to go on and how to get our emails on to the computers. The thing I found easy was the Moana game we had to play and then put it on a document. I found it fun this week because we get to make our on story made from scratch.   

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Sketch note

Today I was working on my sketch note with Shakaia. The thing that I found hard was finding a fact. The thing that I found easy was giving information on milk cartons being recycled.