Monday, 11 December 2017

My Speech - Becoming a leader

Kia ora i'm Sky you should vote for me because I know that i will be a wonderful, respectful and helpful head girl and leader of Panmure Bridge School. As a student leader of Panmure Bridge School, I know that I will try to persuade students to always be who they want to be. I am a great role model for the younger students and I try my best to influence others to do the same. I am a confident student who wears our uniform proudly and I will strive to represent the school in the best way possible. It is a position I can take on. I know that I have many skills a leader needs I also know that I am a confident speaker who will face so many hard obstacles throughout 2018.  My biggest goal is to become head girl of our school and I know that I can show our school that I can achieve everything coming for me in 2018. But don’t forget everyone of us are leaders in our own ways. To those that don’t achieve their goals remember to never give up no matter who tries to put you down because you just make sure that you stay you. I thank everyone for listening to my speech. This means alot to me and this is why you should vote for me. Thank you.

This is my speech that I had said to the whole of my class. At first I felt nervous and when I got half way through my script I was confident and I knew I had a chance at becoming head girl of panmure bridge school

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