Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Tech At Tamaki College

Tech this year was really amazing it is really fun because we get to learn about different things other then subjects. I really enjoyed working with Shakaia and Savelina for cooking.We learnt how to cook in the kitchen with my class. I was really tied working as a team to get threw tech. The teachers at tech were really helpful and kind. I can't wait for next year. Thank you Tamki College for your wonderful time this year at tech From Sky.


  1. Hi sky i really like your picture of you cooking at tech. That''s really nice What you said about the teachers at Tamki College How kind of you. We get to go to tech too. Maybe next time you can show a photo of all the things you did. I love it keep up the good work .From Katie

  2. Hey Sky

    Thats so cool that you do tech. My school does tech at a school in town. We travel on a school bus to get there. What other classes have you done. At the moment I am doing cooking and metalwork.

    Keep up the good work