Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Prime Minister

This is a Google Drawing that we were working on today. The thing that I found hard was that I had to write the information on Jenny Shipley in my own words. The thing that I found easy was finding the picture and the licencing and the link to were I got the picture.

Government Votes

Today our focus was on Government Votes. We have been giving examples on What is a Election, Why do we have Elections and What happens during an election. The thing that I found hard about this task was that at first we didn't know what a Election was and we weren't allowed to look it up to know the answer. But the thing that I found easy about this task is that I got around what I couldn't do and I got it finished in the end.  

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Fantasy Convention

Today our focus was on The princess Bride.  We had to chose a document to do a DLO on. I chose to do the fantasy convention the fantasy convention was focused on The Princess Bride. The convention had question that asked about if the person in the story had a good ending or something like powers question that the movie would of had and give an example of what the example was like for the question that ask me if it ended in a happy ending it did. It also asked questions like if anyone was an ally in the story and yes the hero had two friend that help the hero save the day.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Tamaki Collage Overdrive

This Afternoon we visited a website called Tamaki Collage overdrive. We had to choose a book that we thought was a good book to read. The book I choose was called Miss Peregrine's home for Peculiar children. The thing that I found interesting about this book is that the story started off talking about what someone in the family used to do and what they used to do. The thing that I found boring about reading this story is that it had to much information. 

Kiwi Can Taking risk

Today we had Kiwi Can with Mr Malu and Miss Latoya. Our warm up game was called 'bip bop bounce bang', it was fun trying not to get out. We also played a game that was called hand soccer. We had to support people to help them overcome a risky challenge. Every one in the team had to hit the ball before we could score. We all had to collaborate and cheer on our team while we were on the side line. After Kiwi Can we got into our dance groups so we could practise the dance for our dance production for the end of this term. Staying Alive was first up and then I see red was next. The foot loose group were the group to go on stage to practise in front of LS2. The thing that I found hard about the dance is that I didn't know some of the dance moves because I wasn't here, but I got around my mistake by taking a risk and copying the person in front of me so I could keep going. The thing that I found easy about today was that most of the class were being supportive through the whole of this morning.

Monday, 4 September 2017

Read theory

This morning we were doing read theory. We do read theory to help us with our reading, it help us grow our knowledge. It teaches us how to comprehend text. It can help us improve our vocabulary. The thing that I found hard about read theory was that some of the questions are hard to answer. The thing that I found easy about read theory is that I can understand most of the questions and know the answer for each of them.    

Friday, 1 September 2017

Why it's great to be me

This week I was working on my brain storm on why it's cool to be me. The thing that I found hard about this DLO is that I had to spell them properly. The thing that I found easy was that I had the words ready to add to the brain storm.

Complete the contraction

Our focus for today was writing. The thing that I found hard about writing today was that sometimes I would get the spelling wrong because I was in a rush. The thing that I found easy about today was I got around what I made a mistake on. 

Food Technology

Today at tech we did Food technology, for food technology we had to be in groups. In each group we all have to be in a group of three. The students that I was working with was Shakaia and Savelina. Today at tech we made chocolate milkshakes. Each person in the group had a job, Savelina's job was to dry the dishes and dry the benches, Shakaia's job was to wash the dishes and set up the stuff we needed, my job was to stack the dishes and wipe down the benches with the wet cloth. The thing that we found hard about today was that we had to get it right the first time which we managed to do. The thing that we found easy about this is that we ended up getting our milkshake finished. We thought that our milkshakes were really nice.