Thursday, 2 November 2017

Explanation / Turuki Health Care

Turuki Health Care

Turuki health care is a wonderful place for people to go and get better. Turuki health care is like a little hospital for you to get the help you need. But it is just a place for people to get medicine not to stay there overnight. Did you know that most  of the doctors at Turuki are volunteers.

There are different parts of the building that work in. There the stuff room only,  which can be also known and the eating room. Here is a list of places in the building that they work in: there's some little rooms for the doctors to work in, there is one big area in the building that has beds for people to lie on that is near the desks for were they put the medicine.

The doctor that work at the Turuki don’t have to work there some just volunteer for a spot in being a helper for the community. Some of the main doctors that work at Turuki were the first of them to become a helper at Turuki. This reason is because they would have known how to become a better doctor and then others would have volunteered to become a doctor to help those that needed the help.

All doctors that work in hospitals have to have the confidence of being a professional in what they do. The reason for this is because if they didn’t know what they had or were meant to do than that put the person's health into someone else’s hands. They may or may not get that person the help that they need.

I know that the doctors at Turuki are volunteers because my aunty was a volunteer in helping the community for those that needed the help in getting better. Some of the doctors can and may not be good at what they do but it is good that they want to help the community be are healthier place for us people to live in and let people know that they are in the hands of good people. Have you ever considered being a doctor.


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